The Installation procedure from initial enquiry to completion

  1. Contact Wales and West Solar with your enquiry via website or phone
  2. We arrange for one of our site surveyors to visit the proposed installation site and...
    • do an initial assessment
    • provide an initial design and quotation
    • provide all the figures (expected income and savings per year)
    • answer any questions you may have
    The site visit should last no longer than 60 mins and you will not be pressured into buying; we do not employ “sales reps”
  3. If the provisional quotation is accepted by customer
    • One of our technical surveyors will carry out a comprehensive survey and design
    • We will commission an independent structural engineer to ensure your roof is suitable for the extra load
    • Within 2 working days provide you with a full quotation, copy of the contract and warranty details
    • Both need to be signed and returned to Wales and West Solar along with a deposit of 25%
    • We then give you a “cooling off period of 7 days” only then does it become a formal contract between Wales and West Solar Ltd and you the customer
    • Your deposit is safe with us and guaranteed under the QANW  insurance scheme
  4. Installation date arranged, normally within 2-4 weeks from date of contract, depending on schedule
  5. Day before installation scaffolding is erected
  6. Installation commences, under normal circumstances taking only a day to complete
  7. On completion customer pays the remaining 75% outstanding balance
  8. On receipt of cleared final payment details entered on MCS website and certificate provided
  9. Customer e-mailed MCS document and final invoice/receipt
  10. Customer contacts electricity provider with unique installation certificate number
  11. Customer gets paid ‘Feed in Tariff’ for all solar electricity generated for the next 25 years
  12. The complete procedure normally takes no longer than 6 weeks
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